Are TNR and the Sun close to extinction?

Toronto Star media columnist Antonia Zerbisias, who can’t help but notice the “smell of death” emanating from all those red Toronto Sun newspaper boxes, reports on hints of the Sun’s imminent demise. Quebecor, which owns the Sun, has made, and continues to make, drastic cutbacks. Many believe the Sun and its commuter-daily freebie cousin, 24 Hours, will merge. Finally, she says, there are persistent rumours of the Sun’s downtown Toronto offices closing.

Zerbisias also gives her take on CanWest Global’s recent takeover of beleaguered, formerly liberal, now poltically muddled U.S. magazine, The New Republic. Her interview with CanWest CEO Leonard Asper reveals that he bought TNR as a “pure business play.” On that count, Zerbisias suggests if the magazine does not make CanWest a quick profit it might soon go the way of the Dodo.