Architecture pathfinder


General information

The seven page PDF assists potential clients in establishing criteria for selecting an architect. It also provides samples of letters and forms clients can draft for the contract between them and their potential architect.

About Architecture

This is a good database to go to when starting your research. It provides information on types of architecture, answers general questions, etc., and is extremely easy to navigate.

Arcitecture Week

This is an online magazine that focuses on the various nodes of architecture. Journalists will be able to find information on the culture associated with architecture, design, architects etc. the contents are laid out in an easy and ready to search format on a separate contents page:


This site plays host to various articles on architecture. It is valuable because it is updated often and has many Canadian focused articles.

Archinect Features

The features page is updated every week and contains short but descriptive features written on topics such as new materials, ground breaking projects, innovative design, profiles etc. Each feature is also accompanied by relative visuals.

Arhinect Gallery

This site is broken up into six sub-categories: built work, un-built work, construction photos, student projects, visual stimuli, and event photos. This is an excellent source for getting the scoop on new projects as it is updated daily.

The Architect’s Newspaper

This site is excellent for finding up and coming buildings and rising architects. It provides information about upcoming architecture competitions, which also allows researchers to learn what is happening around the globe as well as current trends.

The Royal Architecture Institute of Canada

The Royal Architecture Institute of Canada site is an invaluable resource. It contains a brief overview of architecture, the practice of architecture, how to become an architect, etc. The organization’s site also hosts a list of members a journalist may contact for information, more than 3,200 individuals, school and organizations are represented here.

Royal Architecture Institute of Canada

The media release page of this site provides most recent studies and findings, ass well as events that are taking place. This provides great networking opportunities.

The American Institute of Arhitects

The American Institute of Architects is a membership based organization. This site is very similar to The Royal Architecture Institute of Canada site, which can be one of the most valuable types of sites in the initial stages of research. The site is comprehensive, with links to members, resources, articles, training information etc.


The Arhitecture, Planning and Landscape Information Gateway

This site provides short summaries and links to various architecture schools around the world. It also rates the schools on a 10 star rating system.


This is an online journal sponsored by eight top American schools of architecture, design, and planning. Places works to foster debate about environmental design from the discussion of buildings, landscapes and art projects as singular, visual objects to the consequences they have in the environments that surround our lives. This site is beneficial in finding new projects and discussing new and innovative technologies, as well as providing links to various resources.


Great Buildings

This site lists over a 1000 buildings all over the world. It is great resource for anyone who wants to compare and contrast building techniques and styles, old and new etc.

Great Buildings – Types

Here you can select specific time periods and locations to research as well as style of architecture. The links will provide you with information and images of various buildings in the selected category. It’s a great starting point.

Great Buildings – Search Engine

If you have a specific building you are looking for this site will search it for you. You must provide one or all of the following bits of information: the building name, architects name, and location of the building. It is also good for finding other buildings that may relate to what you are looking for.


Building Green

This site provides researchers with information on various topics in environmental design. It has an overview of various nodes of green design, but it also provides an extensive database of articles written on specific topics. This is an excellent resource.

Greener Buildings

This site includes case studies, organizations, topics of interest, tools and resources, etc. It is essentially a one stop environmental architecture resource. This site is also frequently updated with recent news and developments in green architecture.


This website provides information and examples on prefab architecture. The history of prefab is also detailed here, as is its re-emergence.

Green Home Building

This site provides a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building. It also provides reasoning on the importance of green architecture and how it affects the environment. The site carries links to article and various other resources.

The Sustainable Building Association

The Sustainable Building Association site provides researchers with everything from technical information to award winning projects, discussion forums and so on. The site is comprehensive with numerous links. The only issue one might have is it is based in Britain, and therefore, it does not have Canadian members.


Citites and Buildings Database

This database allows researches to find specific buildings by entering all or some of the information requested. This site is very useful because it has numerous fields you can search, including photographers.

Thais Store

This website breaks down architecture into 40 centuries and into various categories. One such category is Islamic architecture. The site is a good starting point for anyone looking for topics in architecture.

DMOZ – Open Directory Project

This website is a pathfinder of its own. It provides researchers with 20 links to databases such as the British Architectural library and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. This site has links to architectural references from thousands of years ago to the present date.


This is an excellent site for anyone interested in contemporary design. It has information on numerous projects and architects. It is updated daily, and has an excellent image gallery.


About: Architecture

This site provides a brief summary about the male dominated world of architecture and the women who have broken through those boundaries. It also provides names and links to successful women architects, i.e. Zaha Hadid.

Association for Women in Architecture

This is a membership based organization for women in architecture. It is based out of California and is designed to help women make contacts and network in the industry. This is a valuable especially now as more women are entering the field.

Sherry Ahrentzen’s website

This is the website for SHERRY AHRENTZEN, Ph.D., who is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is considered one of the top theorists of women and architecture. She would be an invaluable source on this subject.

The Chicago Women in Architeture Organization

This site is the Chicago Women in Architecture organization. It is a not-for-profit organization that exists as a forum for women in architecture. One of its main goals is to increase the visibility of women in the field. It is a member base organization. It is a good resources, especially because Chicago is a hotspot for American architecture.