April 27, 2007: Storytelling as Journalism (panel discussion)

When: Friday, April 27 — 5:30 pm

Metro Hall, Room 304 (John and King Streets, west of St. Andrew subway)

What: The essence of journalism is storytelling. Whether presented as a newspaper article, a radio or television documentary or the modern-day blogosphere, news and current affairs reporting continues an age-old tradition that began around the campfire and has surfaced in different places and times as forms of community conversation.

In today’s media environment, with conversation often reduced to soundbytes and lost in the background noise of information overload, it’s time to take stock of journalism and the art of storytelling.

Our panel:

Stephanie Dickison is a journalist, essayist and cultural critic. Her book on writing full-time (a comedy) is scheduled for release next year.

Clifton Joseph, a poet and a journalist, has written for radio, television and print media. He is currently a reporter with the documentary unit of The National at CBC Television.

Tim Knight is a senior producer with Independent World Television’s The Real News. His most recent project was the wildlife trilogy, Inside Noah’s Ark, shot in South Africa.

Metta Spencer is author of Two Aspirins and a Comedy: How television can enhance health and society. She is also editor of Peace Magazine.

This panel discussion is part of the annual general meeting and election of the Toronto chapter of the CAJ. It’s free for CAJ members (memberships available at the door), $10 for non-members.

For more information:

Saul Chernos, Toronto chapter president: 416-364-0725 / schernos@sympatico.ca