April 17-27, 2008: HotDocs

Letter to Anna – The Story of Journalist Politkovskaya’s Death
D: Eric Bergkraut / Switzerland / 84 min
On October 7, 2006, a leading voice of dissent in Putin’s Russia was silenced. Filmmaker Bergkraut reveals the courageous efforts of murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya to expose oppression and corruption, and why paying with her life was inevitable. Co-presented with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.
BADER Tue Apr 22 9:30 PM
BADER  Thu Apr 24 4:30 PM
The Demons of Eden
D: Alejandra Islas / Mexico / 72 min
Journalist Lydia Cacho courageously confronts the powerful politicians and business leaders protecting a child pornography/pedophile ring operating in Cancun, Mexico, and the U.S.
AL GREEN  Fri Apr 18 9:00 PM
ROM  Mon Apr 21 12:00 PM
Bloody Cartoons
World Premiere
D: Karsten Kjaer / Denmark / 52 min
The international controversy provoked by the publication in Denmark of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed is investigated in this lively, enlightening documentary.
Screening with:
The Tadpole, the Rabbit and the Holy Ghost
International Premiere
D: Filip Remunda / Czech Republic / 26 min
ROM Thu Apr 24 9:30 PM
INNIS Fri Apr 25 7:15 PM
Shock Waves
D: Pierre Mignault / Canada / 52 min
Radio Okapi, a beacon of hope for all conflict-ridden countries, gives a voice to the oppressed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Journalists defy death threats to speak out for justice and freedom. Co-presented with ReelWorld Film Festival.
Screening with:
Umiaq Skin Boat
World Premiere
D: Jobie Weetaluktuk / Canada / 31 min
AL GREEN Fri Apr 18 6:45 PM
ROM Sun Apr 20 12:00 PM
The Truth Be Told: The Cases Against Supinya Klangnarong
D: Pimpaka Towira / Tha land / 104 min
Perhaps the most unassuming provocateur ever, Thai media activist Supinya defends herself against a multi-million dollar defamation suit filed by one Thailand’s most powerful and influential corporations and becomes an inspirational giant to a new movement. Co-presented with the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival.
AL GREEN Sat Apr 19 6:45 PM
ROM Mon Apr 21 4:15 PM

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