Another Newfoundand journalist blacklisted by premier

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams continues the political tradition of blacklisting local journalists. Media watcher Geoff Meeker reports on his blog today that the CBC’s David Cochrane is the latest recipient of the premier’s temper.

The exchange comes after the government had taken weeks of hits for comments by Williams and cabinet ministers on everything from education, healthcare, the Cameron inquiry, hijacking local online polls to political appointees accepting money in a private fundraiser.

Williams lashed out at David Cochrane yesterday, accusing CBC’s senior political reporter of getting his facts wrong. He then instructed his staff to cut Cochrane off from further media contact.

The event was witnessed by several reporters, as well as communications staff for the Liberals and NDP. However, CBC chose not to reference the event on the news last night, apparently to avoid inflaming the situation any further.

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