Anchor poses as Sunshine Girl

In case you don’t make a habit of glancing at the Sunshine
girl: the new host of Sun News Network’s Canada Live is today’s
not-so-scantily glad model. And, according to the paper, “Krista Erickson
is rarin’ to go.”

The description of Erikson continues:

“As host of Sun News Network’s Canada Live, Krista is
unapologetically patriotic and not afraid to call it like it is. A seasoned
journalist, Erickson started her career in 1999 in her hometown of Winnipeg.
When she’s not in the anchor chair, she spends her time cooking, working out
and taking care of her dog — a six-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Winston
(yes, after the great British PM).”

While Erikson is pictured fully-clothed in jeans and a
T-shirt (and in some cases a hockey jersey; the Sun’s website features photos
that didn’t make it into the paper
), not everybody appreciated the nod to
modesty. Just take a look at The Globe and Mail‘s online comment section for
Steve Ladurantaye’s story. 

As Ladurantaye says:

“The Quebecor-owned news network has promised for
months that it will differentiate itself from other cable news offering with a
mix of ‘hard news and straight talk.’ It appears it will also lean heavily on
its cheeky reputation.”

The network launched today at 4:30 pm ET.