Al Jazeera English seeks CRTC broadcast approval

Tony Burman, managing director of Al Jazeera English, hopes the
controversial news channel will be up and running in Canada by the

The network has formally applied to the
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for
approval to broadcast in Canada. The process includes a 30-day period
during which Canadians can offer feedback.

This is
the first time Al Jazeera English has sought Canadian broadcast
approval, although it did win a broadcast license in 2003, according to
the Canadian
. Burman said the conditions on the license were so
strict that the station decided not to air.

station has launched a website aimed at promoting the
network’s move into North America. The site

“Today, the award-winning Al Jazeera English is available
in more than 100 countries, and is increasing its reach rapidly.
However, North America is inexplicably left in the dark. It’s time to
turn on the light and demand the channel that provides in-depth news
and programming from every angle, covering under reported stories from around the world and tackling the issues that truly matter.”

Tony Burman is speaking Feb. 17 at a Canadian Journalism Foundation event at the University of Toronto.J-Source is live blogging the event.