Advice to live and write by

It seems like every journalist has that one crown jewel of wisdom that’s stuck with him throughout his career, and Mark S. Luckie at 10,000 Words has compiled a list of the “best advice ever” submitted via Twitter.

A few good ones:

“Never think you’re too good for PR.”

“Marry someone who understands journalism.”

“Shake as many hands as possible.”

And Luckie’s own best piece of advice: “Don’t be boring.”

Check out the rest of his post here, and then mosey on to some similar posts from the Online Journalism Blog and Journerdism.

And what’s the best advice I’ve ever received? The line that I always hear in my head as I’m writing comes from my friend and fantastic editor Jessica Johnston, former editor of This Magazine and the person who generously gave me my first real journalism job back in 2008: “Your words are not precious.” In other words, trust your editor, and don’t fight over every last omitted adjective. (Always kind, I don’t think Jessica was referring to my own writing when she said this.) This gem certainly made the editing process smooth sailing this past year when Jessica returned to me to help edit my RRJ story.

So, Student Loungers, now it’s your turn. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?