Action pulls people out of a crisis, not words

In a recent post, called “The dangers of media navel-gazing,” on True/Slant, Marcelo Ballve asserts that “at a certain stage it becomes counterproductive to self-analyze.”

He writes:

“There’s so much coverage, I wonder if we’re overestimating its interest to the general public…Understood– there’s a crisis. A certain amount of taking stock and re-jiggering is in order. Considered criticism and brainstorming has its place. But in the end, what pulls people and industries out of crises is action, not words…

“Perhaps we should focus single-mindedly on storytelling, explaining the
world, making sense of things, learning to use new tools and styles.
Much of the endless shop-talk, the doom and gloom, goes nowhere. Why
don’t we break the cycle?”