Aboriginal issues pathfinder


Aboriginal Canada Portal


A Canadian government web portal in cooperation with various First Nations associations and organizations. Information available in both English and French. Contains information on events and news articles taken from the Canadian press. Here are some of the vast number of links are available on this site.

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada


A not for profit association devoted to “help Aboriginals better manage and govern their communities and organizations through a focus on enhancing finance and management practices and skills.” Essentially a development site for aboriginal peoples who wish to pursue a career in finance and management, ostensibly to promote “aboriginal effective governance and enhanced quality of life.” Provides annual reports on its activities, available in PDF format.

•Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada


This expansive site is dedicated to “building solutions and partnerships that create employment opportunities, inclusive workplaces for Aboriginal peoples and a skilled workforce for employers.” A variety of public and private institutions sponsor the site, with the aim of turning “exclusion” into “inclusion.” Information is available to both prospective employers interested in including aboriginal workers and prospective aboriginal employees looking for work. News releases are available here. Other articles, newsletters, photos, etc. are available here.

•Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada (A.N.A.C.)


A non-governmental, non-profit organization, A.N.A.C was “established out of the recognition that Aboriginal people’s health needs can best be met and understood by health professionals of a similar cultural background.” It is affiliated with the Canadian Nurses Association. The site has an archive of newsletters, press releases, a calendar of upcoming events and a list of publications, some of which are freely available from the site and others which cost anywhere from $10 to $55.

•Aboriginal Sport Circle


The Aboriginal Sport Circle is “Canada’s national voice for aboriginal sport.” It attempts to tear down the barriers to aboriginal participation in sport and recreation activities. The site has information on the North American Indigenous Games here and here.

•Aboriginal Tourism Canada


Aboriginal Tourism Canada is a public-private organization for the development of aboriginal tourism. The site has information on upcoming events, and press releases, articles and other publications. The photo archives link is apparently broken as of 06/10/29. Links to various aboriginal tourism sites are found here.

•Artic Cooperatives Limited


Artic Cooperatives Limited is an organization of 35 co-op businesses throughout Nunavut, Northwest Territories and northern Manitoba. They employ more than 700 people, many of them First Nations people. The site’s Media Room offers contact information for journalists.


•Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)


The website for the major aboriginal TV network in Canada. There are links to various APTN programs, specials, news and documentaries. Some of the documentaries contain useful information on events that concern aboriginal peoples. Media press releases are freely available and listed here. The media room, however, requires a login. Questions about this can be directed to Chris Allicock, APTN publicist at 416-319-8003, or via email at callicock@aptn.ca.

Turtle Island Native Network


A hectic, confusing but nevertheless useful website devoted to native issues and news. It contains a vast array of links to First Nations communities, organizations and events. It also has links to aboriginal websites in the United States (under “American Indians”) and worldwide, including the Maori, Taino and Aymara. At the time of this submission, the Business and Culture links appear to be broken.


Aboriginal Healing Foundation


A foundation that aims to treat victims of sexual and physical abuse in Canadian residential schools. A number of documents are available at this site, including annual reports, legal documents, evaluation reports, reaseach publications, newsletters, a directory of funding sources and a listing of residential schools that operated in Canada, press releases, and grant request information.


•The Ipperwash Inquiry


The official site of the inquiry led by Hon. Sidney B. Linden, commissioner. Of particular interest are the sections containing inquiry transcripts, and closing submissions of all the parties with standing.


•Assembly of First Nations


This is the site of the national organization that represents all first nations people in Canada. The home page contains recent news items and initiative. It also has sections on news, a calendar of events and an extensive section on the various policy areas the organization covers.