$300,000 awarded to journos for health research

Eighteen Canadian journalists will receive funding for in-depth
investigation of health issues from the Canadian Institute of Health
Research (CIHR).

Dr. Ian Graham, CIHR’s vice-president
of knowledge translation, said in a press release:

have high hopes to see this year’s recipients exceed the impressive
output of in-depth news stories and features that last year’s awards
produced.Stories like these are key to communicating the results of
health research to Canadians, and to further the dialogue among
researchers, health practitioners and patients.”

The recipients of the awards, worth
$300,000, are:

Tier 1, $20,000

  • Alan
    Cassels – freelance   
  • Helen
    Fallding – Winnipeg Free Press
  • Pamela
    Fayerman – Vancouver Sun
  • Paul
    McLaughlin – freelance
  • Peter McMahon – freelance
  • Alison
    Motluk – freelance
  • Anne Mullins – freelance
  • Elizabeth
    Payne – Ottawa
  • Kim
    Pittaway – freelance
  • Tina Pittaway – freelance
  • Ann
    Silversides – freelance
  • Mary
    Agnes Welch – Winnipeg Free Press

Tier 2, $10,000

  • Jennifer
    Carpenter – freelance
  • Daemon Fairless – CBC radio
  • Hannah Hoag – freelance
  • Alex
    Hutchinson – freelance
  • Kennedy Jawoko – freelance
  • Pascale
    Millot – Québec

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