251 dead journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists is reporting 251 journalists have been killed in the past decade.
The report comes within hours of Pakistani reporter Saleem Shahzad’s murder after he reported on Al-Quaeda’s  involvement in his country’s navy.
A Pakistani journalist friend of mine posted this on May 31 at 4:14 a.m. PST:
“New development in case of journalist Saleem Shahzad who was missing since Sunday has come to light. His car has been found from Sarai-Alamgir. A dead body has also found nearby but it is not yet identified.Two ID cards, one of Shahzad and other of someone else, have also been recovered.”
It’s a simple posting on a social-network site yet I find those few words to be chilling and incredibly sad.
As is the reality, the report says, such killings will never be solved.