25 Notable New Magazines from the last 25 Years

Mr. Magazine, a blog by Samir
Husni, has created a list that celebrates the best new magazine launches
from the past 25 years.

Husni writes: “Over 25 years I have counted, collected, coded and consulted thousands of magazines. There have been good years, bad years, strange years and frustrating years; but every year has been an enjoyable year. When I started, there were people telling us that magazines were dying, that television was choking their life away. There were folks saying print was dead, and that I hadn’t yet caught on to changing trends.

“The following list 25 notable magazines from the last 25 years is dedicated to those individuals who have been saying we are publishing in vain and that magazines are a soon-to-be-extinct medium. They were wrong 25 years ago, and they are still wrong and you will continue to be wrong. To paraphrase Roy Reiman’s famous advice for those who want to start a new magazine, the magazines in this list know how to be different and know how to be better.”

The list includes Elle, Men’s Health, Wired and McSweeney’s.