166 staffers accept Toronto Star buyouts

About one month after the Toronto Star asked employees to consider voluntary severance packages, the newspaper announced that 166 staffers have applied and been accepted.

In addition, the company laid off nine unionized employees (three editorial assistants, four graphic artists, one researcher and one office messenger) as well as two managers and one administrative assistant, according to a Canadian Press report.

Star publisher John Cruickshank said in the paper’s announcement about the buyout numbers:

“We’re doing this because the business case for newspapers everywhere has shifted and we’re doing this because it’s really important that we have the capacity to reinvest in great journalism.

“Those that are support jobs are going to get leaner, as they must. I’m anxious that we get this phase over with because it’s very hard on everybody. We do none of this lightly and we have a feeling of real, genuine loss.”

He added that he expects there will more layoffs.