14-year old boy ordered to shut down pirate radio station

Jayhaed Saadé, a 14-year-old from Ottawa, mounted an antenna on a roof and bought equipment over the Internet to start his own radio station. But after one week of broadcasting Industry Canada has ordered him to shut it down until he gets a licence, CBC News reports.

The boy said he’s applied for a licence but plans to continue broadcasting until he gets the permit. His father said it could take up to ten months to get the licence. His father told the Ottawa Citizen that his son has been fascinated with broadcasting since he was a child playing with walkie-talkies. He said:

“He’s only a kid. He’s smart, and they should be encouraging him to do this.”

According to the CBC article, some listeners have reported being able to hear Saadé’s station from 20 kilometres away.

An Industry Canada spokesperson told the Citizen in an email:

“If the unauthorized broadcast radio station resumes operation without proper authority, Industry Canada could consider taking enforcement measures,” which could include a fine up to $5000 or even jail time.