100 things journalists should never do

Inspired by a New York Times listing of never-dos for restaurant workers, Julie Moos from PoynterOnline is publishing a listing of 100 things journalists should never do on Twitter.

In addition, the Poynter crew has asked readers to tweet their own suggestions using the hashtage 100 things (#100things).

In a Nov. 16 column, Moos listed a some of the advice that came from the 450 tweets that had been posted before she wrote her column. They included:

  • A journalist should never do: Wonder how to rewrite a press release before wondering how to fact-check it. (@JoshHalliday)
  • A journalist should never do: confuse impartiality with decontexualised he said-she said reporting. (@paulbradshaw)

By journalist, Moss says she means “anyone — inside or outside a newsroom — who aspires to provide an accurate account of something. It could be an account of parenthood, or what happened at the World Series, or whether the swine flu vaccination is available where you live.”