10 steps to save the newspaper

Morten Rand-Hendricksen, in his Design Is Philosophy blog, has created a sound, 10-point list to save the newspaper.

There are few surprises in his list, but it’s a thorough entry point for anyone trying to get a good understanding of the industry challenges.

The summarized points:
1. Put it all online.
2. Be more visual.
3. Offer readers a way to connect.
4. Add value with online-only or print-only features.
5. Produce a weekend magazine.
6. Create innovative services outside of the box.
7. Connect with experts.
8. Start a poetry contest.
9. Let everyone be a critic.
10. Become a broadcaster.

There is a slight contradiction in points one and four in suggesting print-only added-value. But most newsrooms I know are doing most of these things — except poetry, and I guess we should all be reflecting on that idea.