The Lifetime Achievement Award Video Gallery

Watch the acceptance speeches of Lifetime Achievement Award winners:

Peter Bregg acceptance speech, 2014

Peter Bregg tribute, 2014


Michael Maclear acceptance speech, 2013


Michael Maclear tribute, 2013

Introduction to Michael Maclear, by Morley Safer, 2013




Jack Sigvaldason acceptance speech, 2012




Jack Sigvaldason tribute, 2012




Patrick Brown acceptance speech, 2011




Patrick Brown tribute, 2011




Lise Bissonnette acceptance speech, 2010



Lise Bissonnette tribute, 2010




Joe Schlesinger acceptance speech, 2009




Joe Schlesinger tribute, 2009




Sally Armstrong acceptance speech, 2008




Sally Armstrong tribute, 2008




Norman Webster acceptance speech, 2007




Norman Webster tribute, 2007




Knowlton Nash acceptance speech, 2006




Knowlton Nash tribute, 2006




Pierre Berton, 2005 (posthumous)




Pierre Berton tribute, 2005




June Callwood acceptance speech, 2004




June Callwood tribute, 2004



The annual Canadian Journalism Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to journalism in Canada. These recipients have demonstrated, throughout their careers, a commitment to the highest journalistic standards and ideals. Their work and contributions to the field and society have served as models that inspire excellence in others.


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