17 Jul

Opinion: Why a revamped uOttawa journalism program isn’t good enough

<p><strong>By Michael Robinson</strong></p><p>In April 2015, I will graduate with a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Ottawa. </p><p>I will be one of the very last to graduate with such a degree. </p><p>This is because the University of Ottawa is rebooting its journalism program for the digital age, putting to rest its original four-year journalism program <a href="">that was suspended last summer</a>. </p>

16 Jul

Education Matters: Should j-schools teach advocacy journalism?

<p><strong>By Janice Tibbetts</strong></p><p>The rise of “advocacy journalism” seems to be raising the question, both in Canada and the United States, of whether journalism schools should diversify along with the business.</p><p>This debate has been playing out in recent months at Montreal’s Concordia University, where the journalism department in which I teach is considering turning its graduate diploma into a global journalism program that trains students to report for international NGOs.</p>

10 Jun

Francine Pelletier wins Michener-Deacon fellowship for journalism education

<p><img align="left" alt="" class="imagecache-thumbnail inline-image" hspace="10" src=" Pelletier.JPG" title="" /> <strong>By Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor</strong></p><p>Montreal journalist Francine Pelletier was awarded the Michener-Deacon fellowship for journalism education.</p>

5 Jun

Live blog: RTDNA National Conference

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3 Jun

What’s wrong with journalism education?

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27 May

Education Matters: Should journalism schools take a stand on unpaid internships?

<p><strong>By Janice Tibbetts</strong></p><p>At Concordia University’s journalism department, we have been considering whether we should have a policy on unpaid internships.</p><p>The faculty—reflecting a sentiment common among many journalists—is conflicted on whether journalism schools and departments should post advertisements for work without pay, which could be interpreted as giving tacit support.</p>

27 May

J-Source launches new education column by veteran political reporter and educator Janice Tibbetts

<p><img align="left" alt="" class="imagecache-thumbnail inline-image" hspace="10" src=" Tibbetts_5.JPG" title="" /><strong>By Bruce Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief</strong></p><p>I’m pleased to announce that veteran political reporter and teacher Janice Tibbetts will write a new column for J-Source focused on journalism education in Canada. In Education Matters, Tibbetts will examine issues of interest to instructors, students and industry professionals as they relate to training and the classroom.</p>

26 May

Why some journalism grads no longer wait for a job offer

<p><img alt="" class="imagecache-large inline-image" src="" title="" /></p><p><strong>By Jimmy Thomson</strong></p>

13 May

How Sheridan students ended up shortlisted for a Data Journalism Award

<p><img alt="" class="imagecache-large inline-image" src="" title="" /></p><p><strong>By Nicole Blanchett Neheli, Field Notes Editor</strong></p>

10 May

Canadian Association of Journalists Conference Day 2

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