• Toronto, University of Toronto
  • May 17, 2011 - 18:30
Jeff AndersJames BaxterDavid BeersWilf DinnickAndrea Mandel-Campbell
Meet the Minds Behind Canada's Online News Start-ups
featuring Jeff Anders (The Mark), James Baxter (iPolitics),
David Beers (The Tyee) and Wilf Dinnick (OpenFile)
Q&A moderated by BNN host Andrea Mandel-Campbell

Tuesday, May 17, 6:30 p.m. / Reception 8:00 p.m.
Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto

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Meet the leading players behind Canada’s newest journalism enterprises. Using new technology and new ideas they’re reinventing the business models and expanding the vision of what journalism can and should be.

Join us for a CJF Forum, with moderator Andrea Mandel-Campbell; Jeff Anders, CEO and co-founder of The Mark; James Baxter, founding editor and publisher of iPolitics; David Beers, founding editor of The Tyee; and Wilf Dinnick, founding editor and CEO of OpenFile.


JEFF ANDERS is CEO and co-founder of The Mark. He has nearly a decade of experience innovating in companies and international organizations. He worked for five years at Mercer Oliver Wyman as a strategy consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies. Later, as an independent consultant, Jeff was retained by Hewlett Packard in India to help launch a team of local PhDs to perform marketing analytics for Western clients. Subsequently, he worked with a software provider in Beijing to raise capital and plan its international expansion. Jeff completed a Bachelor of Commerce at McGill, a MBA at MIT, and a Masters in Public Administration at Harvard. @jeffanders

JAMES BAXTER is the founding editor of publisher of iPolitics and has been an award-winning sportswriter, political journalist, bureau chief and editorial writer for over 25 years. A third-generation public affairs journalist, James’s work covering politics, first in Ottawa and then in Alberta, earned him a prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University in 2008, where his studies focused on the future of media businesses and the role of the press in democracy. Born and raised in Ottawa, he holds degrees in international relations, journalism, and media administration. He lives in Ottawa with his wife, Sarah, and three young children, he coaches football and soccer and is an exuberant skier.

DAVID BEERS is the founding editor of The Tyee. He was senior editor at Mother Jones magazine before moving to Vancouver in 1991. Since then, he has won national awards for his journalism in Canada and the United States, writing for The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Harper's, National Geographic and many other publications. During a three-year stint at the Vancouver Sun he edited the “Fate of the Strait” environmental series, recipient of Canada’s National Newspaper Award for Special Projects; invented and edited the cultural section Mix; served as Chief Features Editor and wrote a weekly essay on social and political issues. He is a founding member of IMPACS, a Vancouver non-profit firm providing media help to non-profit groups, former vice chair of the Vancouver City Planning Commission, and a lecturer at the UBC School of Journalism.

WILF DINNICK is the founding editor and CEO of OpenFile. Previously, he was CNN’s United Arab Emirates-based International correspondent, responsible for covering the region that includes Pakistan, Afghanistan, parts of Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining CNN, Wilf was the Middle East correspondent for ABC News. He has covered many stories, including the war in Iraq, Afghanistan’s first democratic elections, the tsunami in South Asia, the death of Pope John Paul II and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Before joining ABC, Wilf spent almost four years at Global National and has also worked at CBC and CTV News. He has won several awards, including best continuing coverage of America's War on Terror, chosen by the news directors of Canada. @wilfdinnick


ANDREA MANDEL-CAMPBELL is a journalist, author and sought-after public speaker. She is an anchor at CTV's Business News Network and a guest columnist for Canadian Business Magazine. She is the author of the celebrated book, Why Mexicans Don't Drink Molson: Rescuing Canadian Business from the Suds of Global Obscurity. Her award-nominated book takes a penetrating and unapologetic look at why Canadian companies fail to go global and why they must. As a public speaker, Andrea regularly travels the country to speak with government, companies and industry associations about the challenges and opportunities globalization offers and what Canadians need to do to be more competitive both from a private and public policy perspective.