Past Events


The tech effect on news reporting: Is traditional journalism dead?
the world has come to expect personalized, 24/7 news coverage. What impact does this have on traditional media outlets, from both an editorial and business perspective? Can the news institutions of the past compete with today’s new media mavericks?
April 5, 2007
6:30 p.m.
Robert Gill Theatre, University of Toronto, Toronto


The Media, the Military and the Pollsters: Who's got the story on Afghanistan?
While coverage of suicide bombings and rising death tolls grab the headlines, the story of the war in Afghanistan is far more complex. The media seem to be doing a credible job of reporting on the importance of Canada’s role in the military operation. However, these efforts are having little effect on public opinion – a recent poll claimed 50 per cent of Canadians still want the troops to pull out. What’s the disconnect?
December 7, 2006
6:30 p.m.
Robert Gill Theatre, University of Toronto, Toronto
The West is in? Now what?
April 4, 2006, Toronto

Missing: Women in Politics
February 22, 2006, Toronto

Spin and the Public Interest
October 26, 2005, Toronto

Bloggers Rising: Shamans or Shams?
September 20, 2005, Toronto

Civic Journalism: How to keep the Public Plugged in
April 26, 2005, Toronto

Secret Sources and the Public Trust
February 23, 2005, Toronto


Health Care Reporting: Public Service or Scaremongering?
November 15, 2004, Toronto

Election 2004: Who's being snookered - the politicians, the media, or the public?
June 21, 2004, Toronto

Do Canada's new anti-terrorism measures trample on the rights of its citizens?
May 4, 2004, Toronto

Getting the story straight: corporate governance and business news reporting in Canada
February, 23, 2004, Toronto


Health Reporting: Infectious Diseases
May 21, 2003, Toronto

War & Conflict Reporting
April 15, 2003, Toronto